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The Girl Behind the Blog… January 19, 2010

HI world! My name is Danielle Suarez. I am a broadcasting major and a music tech minor. I do not know exactly what I  want to do with my life yet, but I know I love television, radio, music, writing, arguing, people, and traveling. I am very creative. I love projects and I never want to work behind a desk for more than a couple hours a day. My trademark in life is that I am blonde cuban. Everyone thinks I am a white girl until I get mad or start talking spanish. I also was a captain and all region player for the Lady Fire basketball program. I love life, God, and people. My motto in life is WWJD. Before I make a decision I try to think about the consequences. I am a risk taker so sometimes I do not always follow through with WWJD, but then again I am only human:)


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