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Chapter 12- Tapping the Web ad New Media May 5, 2010

Filed under: Chapter Notes — ladyd23 @ 4:31 pm
  • The worldwide adoption of the internet and the World Wide Web has taken less time than the adoption of any other mass medium in history.
  • Public relations practitioners are heavy users of the Internet and the Web. They disseminate information to a variety of audiences and also use the internet for research.
  • Writing for the Web requires nonlinear organization. Topics should be in index-card format instead of a long, linear narrative. This allows viewers to click on the information most interesting to them.
  • Written material for the Web should be in short, digestible chunks . Two or three paragraphs should be the ideal length of a news item. Long pieces of information require too much scrolling and turn off viewers.
  • Publicizing and promoting a website are necessary to generate traffic. Print and Internet advertising, email, hyperlinks, and putting the URL on all printed material are some of the ways to promote a site.


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