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Chapter 7- Creating News Features and Op-Ed May 4, 2010

Filed under: Chapter Notes,T.O.W — ladyd23 @ 7:13 am
  • News features story can generate publicity for “ho-hum” products and services. It also can give background, context, and the human dimension to events and situations.
  • News feature writing requires right-brain thinking intuition, image-making, and  conceptualization.
  • Features and background stories are part of a trend in the print media to do what is called service journalism “news you can use.”
  • Photos and graphic are an integral part of a feature story package.
  • Feature stories are formatted much like news releases and use extensive quotes, concrete examples, and highly descriptive words and information presented in an entertaining  way.
  • A good feature writer is curious and asks a lot of questions. He or she con conceptualize and see possibilities for the development of a feature article.
  • There are several types of features: Case study, application story, research study, backgrounder, personality profile, and historical feature. They can also be a blend of many types.

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