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Week 6- PR Firms Vs. Corporate PR May 3, 2010

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Based on what you read in Chapter 4 of your Public Relations Strategies & Tactics book, do you think it’s more beneficial for a new PR practitioner to begin his/her career in a PR department or in a PR firm? What are the advantages and disadvantages of each?

PR Firm:

  • Variety. Usually work on several clients and projects at the same time. Possibly of rapid advancement.
  • Fast-paced, exciting.
  • Seldom see the impact of your work for a client; removed from action.
  • Abilities get honed and polished.
  • Networking with other professionals leads to better job opportunities.
  • Learn other skills, such as how to do presentations and budgets and establish deadlines.
  • Intense daily pressure on billable hours, high productivity.
  • Somewhat high employment turnover.
  • Budgets and resources can be limited.
  • Salary traditionally low at entry level.
  • Insurance, medical benefits can be minimal.
  • Little opportunity for profit-sharing, stock options.
  • High emphasis on tactical skills, production of materials.

Corporate PR:

  • Jobs more difficult to find without experience; duties more narrowly focused.
  • Sometimes little variety at entry level.
  • Growth sometimes limited unless you are willing to switch employers.
  • Can be slower paced.
  • Heavy involvement with executive staff; see impact almost instantly. You are an important component in the “big picture.”
  • Strength in all areas expected. Not a lot of time for coaching by peers.
  • Sometimes so involved in your work, you don’t have time for networking.
  • Same “client” all the time. Advantage: Get to know organization really well. Disadvantage: Can become boring.
  • Less intense daily pressure; more emphasis on accomplishing longer-term results.
  • Less turnover.
  • More resources usually available.
  • Salaries tend to be higher.
  • Benefits usually good, sometimes excellent.
  • More opportunities available.

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