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T.O.W Week 4 March 14, 2010

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I am not familiar with a lot of PR History so it would be difficult for me to talk in-depth about a specific
PR era. I did some research and found a blog called the Principles of Public Relations.  In that blog i found that there were six eras of public relations. The era that interested me the most was the Roosevelt and World War II era. If I had to work in any era of Public Relation history i would be most interested in the Roosevelt and World War II era because it was a very valuable time in our countries history. During this era Franklin D. Roosevelt along with his assistant Louis McHenry Howe, used PR to gain support of FDR’s New Deal during the Great Depression and then to advance America’s cause in World War II. I think that i would like to work in this era because being apart of the fight against Hitler’s world invasion would have been exciting. This is one of the most scariest times in world history and it would have been an honor be apart of it. Also would have loved to help with the great depression. Our country was in a bad place and I would have loved to work for the people doing things to advance our country just like President Roosevelt.