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T.O.W Week 3 March 14, 2010

Filed under: T.O.W — ladyd23 @ 12:26 am

Comments are an integral part of  blogs. They give the blogger feed back and also the more people who comment the more popular the blog becomes. Comments make your blog loo interesting and will pull in more readers. Even if you are blogging for personal reasons or for corporate reasons if you want people to comment on your blog you must step out and comment on other blogs that have the same demographic audience in order to get your voice heard. When writing an effective blog comment one must make educated opinions. Also grammar and spelling are key. If you have a lot of grammatical errors in your comments people might not take your blog or comments seriously and think that you are uneducated. Lastly the length of your comment is also important. A blog comment should not be too short, but at the same time an extremely lengthy comment that sounds like a bunch of rambling. It is key that you have a strong point in your comment and that you get to it eventually.


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