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Language of the Image March 27, 2010

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In the Language of the Image course at NewsU I really learn a lot about what good photography can bring to a story. I really enjoyed this course because i am very interested in photography. Before entering this course I knew little to nothing about the elements of photography and taking this course has given me a glimpse of different elements and has shown me what a tool they can be.  The three photo types I learned about were informationalpassive and,  active. Learning about the different elements involved in photography was my favorite part of the course. Some of my favorite single elements include graphics. surprise, mood, perspective and quality of  light. The magic of photography is found when you combine these elements into one photo to create a wordless story. Photography is such an asset to journalism. A picture can really bring a story to life for the readers and set them in the mist of the action. There is so much more that I  would love to know about photography, but taking this course has really opened my eyes to the world of photography. I no longer view pictures as fun memories I captured on my digital camera so I can post them on Facebook. A photo can have so much more power, effect and use to it. It can tell a story, stir people to action, and leave people with their jaws dropped. Learning  about the impact that photography can have has made me want to explore this aspect of journalism in more depth. After taking this course it is obvious to me that a picture truly is worth a thousand words.


T.O.W Week 5 March 14, 2010

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I really enjoyed the twitter assignment. I learn how to manage my twitter and also how to use it to network with the right people. Before this class I didn’t understand how twitter or even what it offered. I thought that it was pointless and silly,but thought this assignment I learned that twitter can be a big asset to any PR practitioners career. Twitter is great for getting tips and advice form veteran practitioners, making connections with major companies or employers and, being up to date with current events. I really enjoyed getting urgent and breaking news. Also i enjoyed the links to tips and public relation blogs. I was surprised to how helpful and resourceful twitter is if used right. I would love to continue to know more about how to use twitter more effectively to advance my career.


T.O.W Week 4

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I am not familiar with a lot of PR History so it would be difficult for me to talk in-depth about a specific
PR era. I did some research and found a blog called the Principles of Public Relations.  In that blog i found that there were six eras of public relations. The era that interested me the most was the Roosevelt and World War II era. If I had to work in any era of Public Relation history i would be most interested in the Roosevelt and World War II era because it was a very valuable time in our countries history. During this era Franklin D. Roosevelt along with his assistant Louis McHenry Howe, used PR to gain support of FDR’s New Deal during the Great Depression and then to advance America’s cause in World War II. I think that i would like to work in this era because being apart of the fight against Hitler’s world invasion would have been exciting. This is one of the most scariest times in world history and it would have been an honor be apart of it. Also would have loved to help with the great depression. Our country was in a bad place and I would have loved to work for the people doing things to advance our country just like President Roosevelt.


T.O.W Week 3

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Comments are an integral part of  blogs. They give the blogger feed back and also the more people who comment the more popular the blog becomes. Comments make your blog loo interesting and will pull in more readers. Even if you are blogging for personal reasons or for corporate reasons if you want people to comment on your blog you must step out and comment on other blogs that have the same demographic audience in order to get your voice heard. When writing an effective blog comment one must make educated opinions. Also grammar and spelling are key. If you have a lot of grammatical errors in your comments people might not take your blog or comments seriously and think that you are uneducated. Lastly the length of your comment is also important. A blog comment should not be too short, but at the same time an extremely lengthy comment that sounds like a bunch of rambling. It is key that you have a strong point in your comment and that you get to it eventually.


T.O.W Week 1 March 13, 2010

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I havent had a lot of experience with social media before  taking this class. I used AOL instant messaging in middle school, MySpace in late high school, and I got involved with Facebook during the second semester of my freshman year in college. I would love to get more friendly with other types of social media and use them to my advantage in my career. In the past I have used the social media that I was involved with for social and recreational reason, but I’d really like to start learning how to use them as a professional tool. I am really curious to see how these social media’s can be used to boost my career and get me jump started. In the class catalogue part of the description was that the class would provide us with tools and hands on experience as PR practitioners. I am excited and ready to learn more about the do’s and don’ts as a PR practitioner. I can already see that I am going to enjoy this class.