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Chapter 2 Notes ( Becoming a Persuasive Writer) January 28, 2010

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To communicate is to make known – to project ideas into the minds of others. (Pg 35)

Persuasion writing has alot to do with Framing. Framing historically used to describe how journalist and editors selected certian facts, themes, treatments, and even words to “frame” a story in order to generate maximum interest and understaning among readers and viewers. Basically you help people build an oppion or help them see your topic the way you want them to. “Thought Shapers”  (Pg39)

Having ethics in persuasion is sometimes very difficult. Sometimes PR people are known as “Spin Doctors”. The best PR writers can persuade with truthfulness, authenticity, respect, equity and, social responsiblity. If all these bullet points are met the PR writer has passed the ethics test. (Pg57)


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